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The perfect VoIP Termination

Pro Plan

Pro Plan offers an extended feature set for companies craving for scalability. Customers will benefit from outstanding calling quality in addition to outbound and inbound call management, flexibility and integration functionality.

Premium Plan

Unlimited features, seamless integration, access to all available VoIP solutions including DID numbers, SMS Service platforms and more within a single Premium package. Advanced analytics, reporting, CLI deliver and more to expect with this plan.

Basic Plan

The basic plan comes as a ready-to-use VoIP solution for companies of different sizes and niches.
Along with the standard package, you get VoIP routes and SIP termination solution in addition to multi-country coverage.


The ultimate hosted Cloud PBX Solution



$ / Month

Suitable for most SOHO environments.

Up to 10 concurrent calls.



$ / Month

Need additional performance? Medium Cloud PBX should do the trick.

Up to 50 concurrent calls.



$ / Month

Running a big Call Center? Our Large Cloud PBX option handles

up to 130 concurrent calls.


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Auto dialing Macarena Predictive Dialer Platform

Smart Auto Dialing Platform

Macarena introduces custom self-crafted smart dialing platform. The auto-dialer solution will turn your agents into Universal Soldiers letting them work at highest productivity level. Advanced software featuring advanced cloud-based technologies is to ensure safe and fast integration with CRM platforms and third-party services. Let your agents take the fullest from each and every action with no time losses.

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